Martin Jordan – Contributor

Martin is a financial analyst with a vast experience of more than 30 years. He is married to Rose M. Jordan who is a professional writer with over 10 years’ experience. Together the co-founded The Weekly Business Edition. Martin has contributed for finance journals including Business insider, The Analyst, Yahoo! Finance as well as Forbes.

Michael James – Contributor

Michael is the publisher and the editor of Management Journal. He mainly concentrates on information to favour the small and medium scale firms. He also offers mentorship programs for young investors especially those venturing in the stock market. Occasionally he contributes to Forbes and The Washington.

Keira Washington – Contributor

Keira is a young mother of two and is married to business tycoon based in the U.S. She trades in the New Yolk Stock Exchange and has managed to accumulate vast wealth from her investments in the stock market.

She maintains a blog where she narrates her experiences in the stock exchange. From her experiences she is able to mentor many especially the youth hoping to venture into stock market.

Jessie Brandon – Contributor

Jessie is originally from Columbia but grew up in Chicago under the mentorship of her father who was a financial analyst. Her mother was a renowned prolific writer as well as a business executive. Jessie’s writing is very rare with only very few managing to match her style. She is able to bring out her point in a very concise way yet very interesting to read.

Jean Mathews – Contributor

Jean has a writing experience of about five years yet she has managed to impact millions of readers throughout the world with her very catchy phrases. She is an all genre writer but her favourites include celebrity news, health and fitness, as well as fashion and trends. Besides that she makes occasional contributions in finance and business news and sport news. Her work has featured in Forbes, Washington Times, The celebrity and Google News.

Victor DE ‘Marion

Victor is the sole owner and founder of Vick & Sons, LLC. They mainly focuses on finance matters and issues affecting small businesses. He contributes to top finance blogs such as PR News, Intuit Small Business Blog and Investopedia.